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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad Day In The Debnam House!

It's a bad day in the Debnam house! Poor Jeremiah is sick, and AJ's truck isn't working! I'm *almost* freaking out about the baby, and AJ is *almost* freaking out about the truck, but we're hanging in. Usually we'd be fighting like cats and dogs by now from the stress, but we haven't even gotten frustrated at one another today! I really think that having Jeremiah has mellowed me - money is just money, nothing more and nothing less - and life is too short! God has also really convicted me about the way I'd been controlling (or trying to, at least!) the marriage, and basically opened my eyes to this very simple truth: that if I didn't want to feel like or be treated like his mother, I shouldn't act like his mother. Groundbreaking, huh? :-)

I really do love and appreciate my husband - he is the best man I know, and I hope Jeremiah will take care of my future daughter-in-law and grandkids as well as his Daddy takes care of us. In the middle of trying to get his truck fixed, AJ took 30 minutes out to watch the baby so I could get some rest. He is so caring and responsive to his family, and still so capable and responsible outside the home, too! I couldn't ask for a better husband.

As for my poor son - he's pitiful! It's so hard to watch him not feel good. I know it's just a cold, but it still breaks my heart! The night before last I noticed he was a little fussier than usual, and he sounded a little stopped up and was having a harder time nursing while laying down, so I thought he might be getting sick, but wasn't sure. It was last night that he started not being able to eat because he was so stopped up. Around 1:00 am, I suctioned out his nose because he was having such a hard time breathing, and got out huge globs of snot. He was whimpering - not really crying - and just wanted to be held upright against my chest. He kept rubbing his face into my neck, like he was trying to make his nose feel better! It was just so sad, not being able to do anything. In the course of an hour or so it just got worse - he started coughing and gagging and sneezing, and he finally threw up (not spit-up, mind you, but actually vomited). The first time he sneezed and snot flew out, it scared him, I think! That had never happened to him before, and he wasn't expecting it! He started shaking his head and kind of yelling "aagh! aagh!" - like he was trying to tell me "something's coming out of my nose, mom! Help! Help! What do I do?!" It would've been funny if it wasn't so sad. It's just amazing to think that something so simple and common as a cold can be such a new and scary experience for a baby!

Today has been a bunch of ups and downs - he's been sleeping a lot, and we've just been hanging out here in the bedroom, taking it easy. He's been nursing okay, not as much as usual, but enough to keep hydrated, and he's only thrown up once today. We have some Cold Remedy herbs from WishGarden Herbs, and it really seems to help. AJ also went out and got us some Little Noses saline spray and some Baby Vicks Rub that's basically an herbal balm without the menthol or whatever the real Vicks Vapor Rub has in it. Whenever he's awake I basically hold him and cuddle him and do what I can to make it better (which isn't much! Poor little guy!), and when he falls asleep I put him on the Boppy, so his head is elevated a little to help him breath. He's been a little trooper, though - I think I feel worse than he does about it!

I feel absolutely irrational about this - I know it's just a cold... But it feels like such a big deal! I'm probably overreacting, but I don't care! He's the whole world to me, and he doesn't feel good - I honestly didn't anticipate what that would do to my poor mommy nerves.

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