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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Diapers!

I just wanted to say that our new diaper covers came in!!!! I am so, so, so, so, SO excited!!

They're fleece wraps from Wollypop, and they are the world's BEST covers. They fit him so good, and they're so easy to put on, and they let his skin breath, and they don't leak all over everything. I ordered eight - yes, 8! - because I absolutely hate cloth diapering without good covers. We went through about two weeks or so where he'd outgrown the smaller fleece covers, and the medium plastic covers we have just didn't fit well - he pooped right out the leg hole 3 different times (Once at a funeral! All over me, and all over the floor! If it wasn't my family, I would've been so embarrassed!). They fit better now that he's gotten bigger, but we still didn't have enough. It always seemed like such a struggle to find covers, but now (thank goodness!) we have plenty!

You all are my witnesses - I vow to order early - no waiting until the last minute to order a size up! He's in mediums now, and it's my mission in life to start collecting large diapers and covers, so we won't go through this rocky transition where we don't have what we need!

The only thing we need now are more prefolds (the square diapers that a bunch of people use as burp cloths these days) - they're my favorite way to cloth diaper (besides hemp, which is so expensive!), and we always seem to run out. Not to mention that he really needs a bigger size prefold now, too...

And a word to the wise about microfleece inserts: my mom and I found that they sell the exact same things packaged as automotive cleaning rags. They come in packs of eight for $4, which is so cheap! And the neon colors are so cool!

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