Okay, so I know this picture is old, but I just can't take it down! Imagine the same kid, but walking, slim, and still gorgeous (and still covered in cookies)!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I found the greatest quote yesterday, a definition from a mommy's dictionary:

BOY (noun): Noise, with dirt on it

And all I can say is AMEN! Lol.... My little munchkin head is all boy! As much as I love watching him grow up (and I do LOVE watching him grow up!), I also miss my little guy. He's so big you can barely cuddle him anymore (not that he sits still long enough!), and he has a definite opinion about EVERYTHING!!

But he is such a great kid! He listens so well (for a 20 month old, at least!), and he is such a joy. And he loooves his mommy...

Anyway, I'm busy with school (as always!) so I can't stay long enough to talk about him half as much as I would like to... I just wanted to put on the record that my little man is growing up, and it's so bitter sweet!

(Oh, and by the way, he's in BIG BOY UNDERWEAR!! He only had one accident yesterday and one the day before - a child prodigy, I say!)

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