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Friday, April 11, 2008

Dr's Appointment

Jeremiah had a doctor's appointment today. It was so much better than last time!! At his two week visit I cried - they acted like I was some crack-head mom that wasn't taking care of him. When I said I'd had a home birth, they actually responded with, "Oh, so he hasn't had any care since then?" What a horrible thing to say to a new mom! Like I've just kept him in a closet for the past ten days - of course he's had care - I'd done nothing but care for him! And besides, our midwife had seen him not just at birth, but at three days, five days, eight days, and ten days, along with answering all of our questions the ten or fifteen times we'd called!

Anyway, like I was saying - today went so much better! The staff at this new pediatrician office was WONDERFUL - everyone from the nurse who did the measurements to the PA-C who saw him - they were all so nice and warm and encouraging.

So here's the news with the J-man:
*He weighed in at 13.9 pounds - 3.9 lbs heavier than he was seven & a half weeks ago!
*His head grew an entire inch - it went from 14.5 inches to 15.5
*He also grew an inch "taller" - he's now 22 inches long
*He's at the 97th percentile for weight, but only 33% for length! He's short & fat!!

As for developmental milestones, he's doing GREAT!! His head control is excellent, she said (she actually mentioned it a few times, so I'd like to think that it's exceptional for his age - but that could just be the mommy in me talking!), and he's right on cue with smiling and moving his arms and legs. And during tummy time, he's holding himself up so much better than he should be for this age! I'm proud of him, but I'm also proud of me (and everyone else that has been influencing his life), because we've been doing such a great job giving him the best start we can!

So that's the news from his doctor's appointment! He's basically one happy, healthy, fat little kid! And I am one happy, blessed, and grateful mom! I love my little man!!

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